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Girls get smegma too: Things I wish I learned in sex ed

Molly Myers, News Editor // September 17, 2022

At age 20, I found out pee does not come out of the clitoris. I am a woman with a vagina. Needless to say, the sex education I received in high school was comically brief. Outside of school, my parents...

Chlamydia test rise warrants awareness

Matt Murphy // December 4, 2014

There are certain words that, when placed together, make one jump to conclusions. A word like "chlamydia," for instance, when placed in a sentence with "increase," will lead to conclusions like, "Oh my...

Sex education lacking with young teens

Lindsay Pincus // November 8, 2014

[View the story "What was your sex education like as an adolescent? " on Storify]Leave comments or suggestions to keep the conversation going.Lindsay Pincus can be reached at [email protected]

Michael Karp

The O-Face: Lessons sex education doesn’t teach

April 7, 2014

What was Sex Ed in school like for you? Informative? Awkward? Funny? Disgusting? Sex education began around the 1950s. I believe it still has a long way to go. My sex education was taught in...

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