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5 Tips on Post-Spring Break Productivity

Try it out, see if they work for you. Photo credit: Gage Northcutt

Gage Northcutt

March 31, 2019

Spring break for 2019 has come and gone and we are all trying to get back to the old grindstone. Coming back from beaches to books is not easy for anyone, so here are a few tips to use for reestablishing a positive work ethic for the semester:1. Do NOT multi-task.You may want to get everything done a...

Fewer arrests made during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, police say

Fewer arrests made during St. Patrick's Day weekend, police say

Natalie Hanson

March 20, 2018

Chico police reported fewer arrests overall, during the holiday celebration of St. Patrick's Day this past weekend, in comparison to previous years.According to a release from the Chico Police Department, a reduction in crime was seen over this past holiday weekend, resulting in 27 arrests, 10 of whi...

Prevent being sidetracked from spring break jitters

Spring break is right around the corner.  You can push through! Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Karen Limones

March 11, 2018

It’s that time in the middle of the semester where we're all at the pinpoint of finishing our midterms and ready for spring break. We begin to think, “I just want it to be here already,” and in some cases, it distracts us from our studies. Let me tell you, spring break will be waiting fo...

Rain or shine, Chico has something for you this spring break

What are you doing for spring break? Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Karen Limones

March 9, 2018

Let’s say you were planning to go home for Spring Break and something came up. Change of plans, you’re staying in Chico and so are those other residents who need to stay or live here.One of the best things about Chico is the beauty of the nature that surrounds it. If you haven’t taken advant...

Spring break travel plans

Emily Browning, junior English major, will be traveling to Pendleton, Indiana for spring break.

Blaine Ball

March 14, 2015

Chico State students shared their spring break destinations with The Orion before they headed out for the sand, slots and shops. Blaine Ball can be reached at [email protected] or @BlaineHBall on Twitter....

Spring break on a budget

Brennen Gray, junior communications major, is planning to save money this spring break and enjoy the weather in Chico. Photo credit: Claire Martinez

Claire Martinez

March 14, 2015

One of the most anxiously anticipated weeks of spring semester is just around the corner. Students can already feel the sand between their toes and taste the sweet relief of being finished with midterms during spring break, which kicks off Monday.While the break should mean endless hours of fun in the sun, one of the main problems stu...

Breaking the mid-semester slump

Matt Murphy

March 9, 2014

In college, trap games don't just apply to sports. The weeks leading up to spring break are easy to overlook with the promise of a week off hovering on the horizon. I'm a chief offender. It's hard not to take my foot off the gas pedal when I see there's only a week until the break and coast into it. Like p...

Complaints about short winter break are easily solvable

Matt Murphy

March 2, 2014

Spring break is fast approaching and in the spirit of the season, I've been in touch with various friends who don't go to Chico about plans for everyone's week off. There's just one problem: no one has the same week off. Between private colleges, University of California schools, and State Universit...

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