Prevent being sidetracked from spring break jitters


Spring break is right around the corner. You can push through! Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

It’s that time in the middle of the semester where we’re all at the pinpoint of finishing our midterms and ready for spring break. We begin to think, “I just want it to be here already,” and in some cases, it distracts us from our studies. Let me tell you, spring break will be waiting for you but if you’re not willing to wait, your grades could be affected.

Here are some tips on how to focus on studying if you find yourself losing some motivation during exam week.

1. Find your drive

· Start by setting a goal for yourself! It’s never a bad thing to push yourself to strive for better, who knows, you could end up surprising yourself.

· Use incentives! Motivate yourself with rewards after you’ve studied and done well on the test.

· Remind yourself how important it is for you to stay focused. There is a reason you’re in school and why you’re working hard.

2. Find a suitable study environment

· The most important thing when it comes to studying is finding a comfortable place that will help you stay focused.

· Find a nice, quiet place with comfortable seating. For example a nice café lounge nearby or your campus library. According to PsychCentral, finding an ideal study place is important, because it’s one you can reliably count on for the next few years.

· The rule is to limit distractions!

3. Reach out to a study partner

· This doesn’t mean gather all your friends and have a study session.

· In fact, the most effective way to keep yourself up with deadlines and limit distractions is by working with someone with the similar goals, according to ThoughtCo.

· Choose a study partner who is smart, dedicated and doesn’t mind teaching. Your study sessions could go a whole lot better.

4. Use helpful tactics

· Some helpful tactics are the use of flash cards, notes, charts, diagrams or mnemonic tools.

· One helpful tactic to prepare for exams is to review past versions. It can help you get used to the format of the questions.

· Keep your brain fueled by choosing some healthy snacks, and if you happen to be a coffee lover, I suggest you have a cup. It can energize you and help you concentrate. However, don’t overdo it or you can become jittery and uncomfortable, according to WebMD.

5. Short breaks matter, take one!

· After a good while of studying, take a break or plan a time to take one. This is the most effective way to stay focused during your studies.

· Scientists say that even brief breaks from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on a task for a long period, according to PsychCentral.

· After 20 minutes, try to get back to your studies or you may be tempted in prolonging your break.

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