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We tasted the dining hall’s bug-infused food so you wouldn’t have to

Creamy Mac and Cheese topped with crispy baked mealworms. Photo credit: Emily Neria
October 21, 2019

Bug protein is the secret to a sustainable future. The only thing holding us back is me, you and a nationwide aversion.I tried four dishes at Sutter Dining’s "Bug Night," and each, by all accounts,...

Chico State’s strawless challenge successful in first 72 hours

A.S. Dining Student Lead Jordan Menkes assembles a Post Plastic straw kit on May 2.
May 7, 2018

Less than 72 hours after going strawless, A.S. Dining sold 507 reusable straw kits at various coffee shops and dining areas on campus. On April 23, Chico State officially went strawless and traded...

Sutter Dining Q&A gave students a voice on quality of food

First-year animal science major, Delaney Friel, gets salad from the Sutter Dining Hall self-serve bar. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga
September 28, 2015

University Housing and Food Service held an open residential question and answer forum in the University Housing Utilities Building. The meeting addressed the concerns and satisfactions students have with...

Sutter Dining wants feedback from students

Photo credit: Mozes Zarate
September 21, 2015

University Housing and Food Service announced an open residential dining forum for students to share their opinions on the Sutter Dining Hall’s food service. The open discussion will take place on...

Students voice concerns with Sutter Dining

First-year animal science major, Delaney Friel, gets salad from the Sutter Dining Hall self-serve bar on Sunday. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga
September 14, 2015

“I feel like I live off of bagels and Goldfish." Emily Lovato, first-year communication sciences and disorders major, delved deeper into her concerns about Sutter Dining and the quality of nutrition...

Saladmander incident calls for dining hall change

September 7, 2015

  Sucky Sutter strikes again with the salamander scandal and no measures seem to have been taken to improve the dining hall. Though the incident is laughable, it brings the major question...

Salamander slithers into Sutter Dining salad

Sutter dining salad with a side of salamander. Photo courtesy of Justin Diruscio
September 4, 2015

Editor's note: This story was updated on Sept. 6 to add comments from Sutter Dining. Justin DiRuscio, first year, had a slimly surprise in his salad at Sutter Dining on Thursday night. DiRuscio...

Dining difficulties for students with allergies in Sutter

Illustration by Miles Huffman
January 18, 2015

I walk into Sutter Residential Dining Center, hoping that I’ll be able to find something to eat. As a vegetarian with many food restrictions, eating is always difficult but the challenge is doubled...

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