Sutter Dining Q&A gave students a voice on quality of food

First-year animal science major, Delaney Friel, gets salad from the Sutter Dining Hall self-serve bar. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga

University Housing and Food Service held an open residential question and answer forum in the University Housing Utilities Building. The meeting addressed the concerns and satisfactions students have with the quality of the food and service.

“Some of the things that we’ve excelled at in the last three years are our cleanliness, our appearance of the dining facility and the comfort of the dining facility,” said Joe Bassett, Board Operations Manager.

The residential advisers led a small group discussion where UHFS answered questions regarding freshness, variety and things the students like and dislike.

“I wish they asked us more directly what we wanted from them,” said Gillian Sammis, first-year nursing major. “They could have given us more options on how they could improve.”

This gave Sutter Dining a chance to hear the opinions of actual costumers. There will be a survey on Oct. 23 to give students another chance to give their input.

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