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Chico State maintains sense of security

There are 40 emergency blue light phones throughout the Chico State campus to provide security to those who are not feeling safe. Photo credit: Suzy Leamon

Suzy Leamon

August 30, 2015

A numb feeling crept throughout Mckenna Mays' body as she looked behind her and saw the man walking at a faster pace. She was near the Wildcat Recreation Center when she noticed the blue light, so she ran to the emergency phone."I'll press it," she screamed at the man, "I'll press it if you don't leave me alone!"The sophomore c...

Faking It: Students with fake IDs

Addel Mubraaka, owner of Tony's Liquor, collects Fake IDs that students have used to try to purchase alcohol. Photo credit: Suzy Leamon

Suzy Leamon

August 24, 2015

Fake IDs are one of the most common ways underage college students score their booze. About 32% of college students have fake IDs to help them gain access to alcohol and bars, according to a study done by PMC, Most students may not be fully aware of the consequences when getting caught with a fake ID. If police are in...

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Suzy Leamon