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DIY: Newspaper roses

Midway through the process of creaing newspaper rose creation. Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair
February 10, 2015

Newspaper roses are a fun and easy way to give out Valentines without the expense of real roses. Here are seven easy steps to making your own paper flowers. Materials needed: Old newspaper Hot...

Humans of Chico State: Labor Day plans

Haley Mullins, 18, hangs out by the dorms and shares her thoughts on her first Labor Day weekend as a college student. Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair
September 1, 2014

Q: What are your doing for Labor Day weekend?A: "I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend. You know, first weekend back at school. I'm going to go hang out at the river, barbecue, hang out and see people...

Students utilize Facebook for school necessities

Class of 2017 Facebook posts Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair
August 29, 2014

Each Chico State graduating class has its own page on Facebook so students can stay connected with each other. The pages have become an online marketplace where students can sell books, find roommates...

Expert tips to limit coffee consumption

54% of Americans consume coffee daily. Photo credit: Lindsay Pincus
August 25, 2014

Every school year comes with the same routine: long hours of studying, a lack of sleep and high consumptions of caffeine. Whether you prefer coffee, energy drinks, soda or tea to help with a long school...

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