Humans of Chico State: Labor Day plans

Haley Mullins web
Haley Mullins, 18, hangs out by the dorms and shares her thoughts on her first Labor Day weekend as a college student. Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair

Q: What are your doing for Labor Day weekend?

A: “I’m looking forward to Labor Day weekend. You know, first weekend back at school. I’m going to go hang out at the river, barbecue, hang out and see people I haven’t seen in a while.”- Haley Mullins, first-year animal science major

Nisael Guzman web
Nisael Guzman, 19, stops on his way to class to discuss what he thinks of Labor Day. Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair

Q: What are is your opinion of Labor Day weekend?

A: “As most holidays, people don’t celebrate the holiday for what it is and they just use it as an excuse to drink alcohol. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I think they should focus more on celebrating what the holiday is.” – Nisael Guzman, sophomore undeclared major

Chloe Williams

Q: What are your expectations of Labor Day?

A: “I expect Chico to be really hectic, like a lot of people. It’s going to be crowded and probably a lot of police.” – Chloe Williams, junior recording arts major

Daone Lee web
Daone Lee, 21, shares her thoughts and experiences regarding Labor Day as a senior. Photo credit: Taylor Sinclair

Q: What are your thoughts on Labor Day weekend?

A: “My thoughts about Labor Day are I feel like it has been changing due to a lot of policy making and restrictions by the law enforcement. Even though those things are taking effect, people are still very excited about it, especially college students and the freshmen of course. I think it is more of an endangerment to the freshmen because seniors have done it for a few years and know what is going on. The idea of it is not as extreme or fun or dangerous as it used to be due to the law enforcement. Those are my thoughts and I hope that we can find better ways to spend our Labor Day.” – Daone Lee, senior sociology major

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