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Possible tuition increase for students

Molly Sullivan

November 9, 2016

CSU students could pay 5 percent more in tuition next fall, according to a tuition proposal by CSU Chancellor Timothy White. If the proposal passes, annual tuition would increase by $270 for undergraduates, $312 for credential students and $438 for graduate students. The proposal will be discus...

May the fourth: A pop culture collision comes to campus

It might be

Christine Zuniga

May 4, 2016

May the fourth is consistently an opportunity for “Star Wars” fans every year, but this year it happens to fall on the Wednesday of opening night for “The Addams Family,” Chico State’s School of the Arts’ spring 2016 musical. Inevitably, the pop cultural references are strong with this campus. While Prime Time Prod...

CSU chancellor to visit Chico

Chancellor Timothy White will be visiting Chico State May 4. Photo source:

Elizabeth Helmer

May 3, 2016

California State University chancellor Timothy White is set to visit Chico State. Chancellor White is conducting a series of visits at all of the CSU campuses to check in with faculty and administration about implementing goals for the CSU as a whole. White is looking for feedback from Chico State...

CSU chancellor and CFA president reveal details of strike negotiation

Chico State faculty shared information about the strike earlier this year. Photo credit: Ryan Corrall

Elizabeth Helmer

April 8, 2016

At 10 a.m. on Friday, CSU Chancellor Timothy White and CFA President Jennifer Eagan held a press conference after a negotiation was reached to stop the faculty strike scheduled for next week. An agreement was reached this morning between the CSU administration and the CFA that allows a 10.5 perce...

New president goes public next week

The new president of Chico State will be revealed next week. (Illustration by Orion Staff).

Gabriel Sandoval

March 4, 2016

Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated Laurie Weidner is the CSU Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs. Weidner is the CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs. The title has been corrected. Only time will tell who the next president of Chico State will be, because nothing else wil...

CSU hires new Title IX coordinator

Pamela Thomason, California State University's new system-wide Title IX compliance coordinator. Photo courtesy of CSU public affairs office.

David Mcvicker

November 7, 2014

California State University appointed a system-wide Title IX compliance officer Nov. 7. Pamela Thomason's hiring is the first-ever of its kind in the CSU's fight against sexual assault and violence and improvement of student safety on all 23 campuses across the state, according to a CSU system-wide statem...

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