The Orion

2019-2020 Staff

 Chase Falk

 Chase Falk’s love for all things media and design began when she was just 8 years old. Creating magazines, running photoshoots, and directing music videos were her go-to hobbies. Her passion for design flourished in high s...

Hana Beaty

Hana has always been looking for a place to call home. Since very young she has been in the skies traveling and living in different countries. Never stayed in a place too long to call home. This allowed Hana to learn how to ad...

Alex Amaya

Alejandro (Alex) Amaya is Journalism and Asian studies major with a minor in Japanese. Amaya may come off as shy or uninterested, but in reality he’s terrified of public speaking or lacks the appropriate diction for the set...

John Ramirez

John Ramirez is pursuing a Political Science Bachelors while also receiving a paralegal certification. Growing up he always felt a close connection to photography, but never really had the confidence to pursue it, instead he set do...

Chloe Curtis

Copy Editor

Chloe is a double-major in Journalism and Political Science, currently working toward earning her paralegal certificate. She has been on The Orion for 2 semesters and has been interested in reporting and broadcast journalism since ...

Angel Ortega

A&E Editor

Angel Ortega is a journalism-news major with a minor in cinema studies. Angel has been on the Orion for four years, serving as both a staff writer and arts & entertainment editor. He enjoys writing artist profiles and fil...

Victoria Hernández

Digital Content Editor

Melissa Joseph

Growing up in the Bay Area, Melissa is adapting to the quieter life in Chico by exploring new swim spots with new friends and enjoying scenic drives in the mountains. Drawing, writing and driving are among Melissa’s favorite ...

Arrow VanAbrams

Staff Writer

Arrow VanAbrams is currently a senior and one of the Orion's sports writers. "The Orion has given me a sense of purpose on campus," VanAbrams said. "Before I started writing for it I didn't have nearly as much pride for my...

Emily Neria

Staff Writer

Emily would like everyone to know she’s trying her best... just at too many things. Caught between her many passions - media arts, journalism, creative writing, and paying rent - Emily often wishes she had more time. She hopes th...

Matthew Wreden

Sports Staff Writer

You can find Matthew glued to his phone, TV or computer reading, watching and analyzing sports. Matthew began his journalism career at Santa Rosa Junior College and hopes to become a sports writer in the Bay Area. After one seme...

Natalie Hanson


Editor-in-Chief, Spring and Fall 2019. Former Arts & Entertainment editor, Breaking News editor and reporter.

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