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Chico State student loses mother and Paradise home during the Camp Fire

Chico State student Christina Taft lost her mother in their Paradise home during the Camp Fire. Photo credit: Brian Luong

Yaritza Ayon

December 5, 2018

Christina Taft woke up early, Nov. 8, to a neighbor urging her to evacuate. She initially didn't take the evacuation order seriously, but after showering she began to pack up her car. Christina said she packed for about an hour before noticing that her 66 year-old mother, Victoria Taft, was still in...

Camp Fire flames finally settle, yet the housing crisis rages on

A burnt American flag hangs on a mostly burnt piece of wood on Wildwood Lane in Paradise. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Alex Grant

November 28, 2018

A flame-shredded American flag hangs in the still, grey air. It's flagpole barely holds on to a vertical gutter that's attached to a burnt piece of wood. A charred chimney stands intact behind the flag. Blackened, brown and green tree trucks, limbs and leaves stand behind a chimney in a thick, ash-filled...

Spillway evacuees tell their stories

Many evacuees received donations from locals including clothing, shoes, and water. Photo credit: Miguel Orozco

Nicole Henson

February 21, 2017

Caitlyn Richter remembers flashing notifications on her phone that read the Oroville Dam emergency spillway was going to fail within the hour. She was told it was going to fail. Not that it might. An emergency evacuation of surrounding areas affected both students and faculty of Chico State. Professors...

Chico State talks emergency plan after evacuations

Volunteers help keep evacuee children occupied. Photo credit: George Johnston

Kayla Fitzgerald

February 15, 2017

After the recent Spillway crisis, Chico State wants students to know how to help and prepare for future incidents.According to a public affairs email, there is an Emergency Operations Plan that the university follows for situations similar to the Spillway. There is an Emergency Response Guide that helps student...

Oroville evacuees returning home

Family packing up there things and heading home. Photo credit: George Johnston

George Johnston

February 14, 2017

Joyful cheers came from the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds as the immediate evacuation order was changed to an evacuation warning. An estimated 1,650 people were at the fairgrounds, according to the American Red Cross. Linda Stapleton was among those evacuees. She felt blessed she could leave. "I've...

Evacuation centers in need of supplies

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds houses evacuees. Photo credit: George Johnston

Kayla Fitzgerald

February 14, 2017

Donations are needed to support evacuees at Chico shelters.According to an email from public affairs, the shelters are currently in need of supplies, but do not need food donations at this time. Those items include:New sweatpants for men, women and childrenNew socksNew towelsNew blanketsBaby diapers (al...

Chico State housing residents may offer evacuee friends shelter

Students who live on campus housing may offer shelter to evacuee friends. Photo credit: Jacqueline Morales

Jacqueline Morales

February 13, 2017

Residents in student housing may offer shelter to friends who have been affected by the Oroville Spillway evacuations. Although there is no indication that resident guests at the dorms may be evacuees, students are allowed to offer shelter to friends who may be seeking shelter. Guest check-in process r...

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