Differences between children now and children ten years ago

Prin Mayowa

My sister has an iPhone 5S and Beats by Dre headphones. She
is only 12 years old.

Children these days have it great.

I know that’s something my grandparents would say about this generation of twenty-somethings, but the younger group of children in this millennial generation have seriously hit the technological advancement jackpot.

When I was a little kid, house phones were still a thing. Three-way calling and caller ID were incredibly useful and getting a private line meant one was highly mature.

But in the time that my little sister is growing up in, it’s all about who has the most views on Vine, what Justin Bieber is doing and whose crop top is cutest.

Children are maturing at a quicker rate than any time before in history and it’s hard not to notice.

When I was ten, I had an advanced vocabulary and a pretty immature grasp on what comedy was. My sister, however, has a much more biting wit than I and friends to match.

Who knows what future generations of young people will bring?

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