The importance of Teacher Assistants

Veronica De La Cruz

Teacher Assistants are able to relate to students due to the
fact that some of them may still be in school.

As students themselves, they understand the pressures and stress that come with being a college student, and their ability to relate to students provides a fun and interesting learning experience.

That’s not to say that I’d prefer a teacher assistant to a professor. I just find it interesting to be able to see the different teaching styles of the faculty here.

Last semester, I took a course in Anthropology taught by Lisa Bright, a teacher assistant. I had never thought I would care much about the subject until I took her course.

Bright would always have some sort of fun example to go with any of her lectures, helping the students remember material they would need to know for tests.

Whether it was a Sesame Street song or a random phrase, Bright constantly showed a great interest in helping her students get the most out of her class.

Although Teacher Assistants don’t have the same experience and expertise that some of the other professors have, they are still providing students with a comfortable learning atmosphere.

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