Speech seeks to cease sexual assault

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Jeff Larson<br>Staff Writer

Holocaust survivor Anne Frank once said no one needs to wait to have a chance to save the world.

Wednesday night at the Bell Memorial Union, Rachelle Cain, Miss Black California, recited the same message to the Chico State students in her speech on sexual assault.

Cain not only spouted out dozens of statistics and myths regarding sexual assault and child molestation, she also recalled a personal experience in which one of her childhood friends was molested at a young age.

Cain also provided tips for spreading the message about sexual assault awareness. She asked teachers to hang posters denouncing rape and to wear ribbons for sexual assault awareness month.

One Chico State student said he was glad the speech wasn’t a platform to bash men.

?I loved how instead of being about men bashing, it was very informative and presented very well,? said Gabe Ortiz, senior criminal justice major. ?I also liked the idea of the till ribbons.?

Some female students at the speech said they liked the idea that the issue is finally being addressed publicly.

?We have a real problem with sexual assault in our society, and I loved the information presented in the speech,? said Jessica O?Donnell, first-year multicultural gender studies major. ?As far as the idea of male bashing goes, I think that could be labeled as a counter attack and I love how this speech didn?t focus on that. Instead it focused more on ways of preventing any more assaults.?

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