Lazy weather makes for lazy student.

Kristina Martinez

The way the sky looks may have more of an effect on students than they think. I’ve noticed less students in my classes and at the gym when it is raining outside.

It seems that when the weather is lazy, especially when it is raining, that students seem to attend class less as well as other extra-curricular activities like going to the gym.

Gloomy weather tends to make people feel under the weather. Usually people do not want to do much, and try to stay inside as much as possible. Why is it that students find it harder to do what is usually asked of them by others and themselves when it is ugly outside?

Some students just do not like the feeling of being damp and cold while walking around campus and going home. It is harder for some to go outside when they are already feeling lazy, and sometimes rain creates less of a motivation for students to get up and go to their classes.

Professors will still give homework, and the gym will not close due to rain. All of one’s everyday duties will still be expected of them. Rain or shine, life goes on, and the world stops spinning for no one.

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