Students still flock to libraries

Kristina Martinez

The library is more than a place for students to go and get books or study. The library serves as a place where all of the distractions of the real world go away.

My friends and roommates can get twice as many things done in the library for two hours than they can sitting at home.

The stereotype that this generation revolves around technology and no longer finds a need for places like libraries is completely wrong.

All of the social media sites and reality TV shows interrupt a student’s actual reality. When it comes time to sit down and study, students find themselves distracted by noisy roommates, TV’s blasting and Twitter notifications.

There are more students found in Meriam Library studying during the last few weeks of school than anywhere else on campus.

With the quiet escape they ensure, students are drawn to what libraries have to offer.

Libraries are very much a part of students’ lives, more than they have been in the past.

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