The O-Face: Bound, blindfolded bedroom fun

Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Bondage requires kinkiness and a creative, dirty mind. It’s a realm of sexuality that digs deep into the psyche of those who take part.

I don’t know exactly why I get so turned on by restraining my partner. I’ve even entertained being restrained myself, but the power and dominance really get me going.

Releasing control is very sexy for my partner. The rush of pressing against the restraints is a huge turn-on.

There is mystery and creativity involved. You can come up with spontaneous ways to pleasure your partner on the spot without them knowing what’s coming next.

For me, it takes sex from good to mind-blowing.

There are a number of devices to aid the adventurous sexual explorer along their journey, such as rope ties, gags and blindfolds.

You can play around with who will do the restraining and who does the teasing. You can even add role-play to the mix and really make the sex come alive.

Incorporating sex toys can also take bondage during sex to a whole new level of pleasure and experience.

How bondage enters someone’s sex life also interests me. What is it that makes this potentially sadomasochistic act pleasurable for all parties involved?

First off, I believe it has a lot to do with the porn someone has watched. I’ve certainly seen some BDSM, and watching it could’ve contributed to my interest.

Also, if someone gets off on hardcore pornography or fantasies, they may be more open to experimenting with bondage and other related acts in their sex life.

Second, I believe it also has something to do with trust. While tied up, you release all control to the other person.

This requires a massive amount of trust. It is this level of comfort that can allow their mind to free itself and play out these types of fantasies.

In my opinion, this aspect is a huge turn-on.

Because bondage is a little far from the norm, it can be seen as taboo.

It can be rebellious, daring and raunchy. And when combined with the pleasure of sex, it’s extremely exhilarating.

However, the importance of safety cannot be understated here. Bondage has the potential for injury, and there must be a large amount of trust between both partners.

A lot can go wrong when rope ties and gags are involved. Be sure to look up safety tips for both you and your partner before engaging in any of these activities. You wouldn’t want one of the greatest experiences of your life turning into one of your worst memories. Check out some safety tips for bondage from Cosmopolitan.

Don’t be afraid to communicate and express these desires to your partner or partners if you are considering acting out any bondage fantasies you have. It may very well be the turning point of your entire sex life.

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