Tips for hair flips

Prin Mayowa

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Prin Mayowa

There are so many everyday situations that can bring people
down. So much so, that it drains them entirely of their happiness.

I choose to stand back from it. I choose to hair flip.

A hair flip isn’t just a way to remove one’s hair from their face; it also makes a statement.

The hair flip is now a mechanism that can be used to belittle the most irritating of statements uttered by the most irritating of people.

Here are several instances in which one would hair flip.

Receiving a bad grade on a test.

This is a hair flip I know too well. Sometimes I’m not in a mood to study, and I’ll just take the low score. I’d rather get some points than no points, and it’s only one test. So I hair flip it. There will be more chances for success. No need to stress.

To attract people.

Here’s a curveball. When thinking of some reasons as to why people hair flip, my best friend reminded me that she sometimes does it to attract people.

There’s something sensual about an evocative hair flip that can set the tone for any situation.

Stepping back from an irritation

This is my favorite reason to hair flip. I usually do it when people assume something is going to bother me, but I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

These are just a few examples of the hair flip, but the essential idea behind it is to forget what other people think. Like Chris Crocker said, “Happiness is only a hair flip away”

Prin Mayowa can be reached at [email protected] or @PrinSupreme on Twitter.

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