Colleges shouldn’t teach celebrity worship

Veronica De La Cruz

Most young adults are aware of how empowering Queen Beyoncé Knowles has become in our society.

However, it seems as though Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, is taking praising celebrities to a whole new level. As of last month, they have been offering a course with Beyoncé as the main focus.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, “the main goal of the course is to tackle issues such as the extent of Beyoncé’s control over her own aesthetic and whether her often half-naked body is empowered or stereotypical.”

While Beyoncé fans will be ecstatic and think this is the best news ever, other students like myself consider this to be a perfect example of how our generation spends too much time glorifying celebrities.

Students pay around $300 for a single college course, so I think that the only way students may think that a class like this is worth paying for is if it were to satisfy one of the GE pathways. The purpose of getting a college degree is to apply learned skills to real world situations, so it’s unlikely that students will connect their own lives with that of a celebrity like Beyoncé.

Veronica De La Cruz can be reached at [email protected] or @Veronica_dlc on Twitter.