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“Thigh gap” presents dangerous standard

Veronica De La Cruz

As a young woman who loves spending countless hours on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the “thinspiration” community.

Thinspiration includes hundreds of pictures of girls who have a desire to have a thigh gap or to just be thin/fit. Before learning about this obsession that many girls my age have, I had never even thought twice about the spacing between my thighs. Let alone think that if I didn’t have that gap then guys won’t find me attractive.

Girls are naturally insecure human beings, who are easily influenced by models and advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements, Target has recently had a scandal over their horrid photoshop job on the swimsuit ads specifically targeting teens. The girl in the ad is already what I would consider extremely thin, so to add a gap between her thighs is simply atrocious.

In reality, achieving that thigh gap doesn’t have anything to do with how skinny a person is, but rather the way their skeleton is structured. Girls with wider hips will naturally have a bigger gap then those with narrow hips like myself. There are plenty of thin girls without a gap, and that’s completely okay.

Recently, after I searched “thigh gap” on Tumblr, a page popped up with the number for a hotline to speak to professionals who deal with eating disorders.

I think that this is definitely a step in the right direction, considering how many young adults are influenced by social media these days.

Veronica De La Cruz can be reached at [email protected] or @Veronica_dlc on Twitter.

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