Staple outfit for guys on campus


Nick Dunn, a junior finance major, shows off his back-to-school look. Photo credit: Lauren Steele

Photo credit: Lauren Steele

Niko Dunn, junior finance major, describes his style as “pretty fratty,” and stresses that it is important to always look good. He likes looking clean and sharp, even in his everyday school outfits. Simple tank tops and shorts are his staple to his look.

Dunn’s haircut is clean with a hard part, longer hair on the top and shorter on the sides. Locally, he shops at Trucker in downtown Chico. He enjoys shopping at PacSun at the Chico Mall where he buys shorts by the brand Modern Amusement, explaining that they are “very fratty and everyone wears them.” He also shops at Rowdy Gentlemen, an online store that sells a lot of clean-cut fraternity attire. The store has everything from tank tops to polos for the modern-day gentleman.

Overall, Dunn’s back-to-school attire is clean-cut and inspired by his personal lifestyle as well as the Greek community.

Here is more about Dunn’s outfit:

Tank top: Target

Shorts: Modern Amusement

Shoes: Diamond Supply Co.

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