Explore myth of ‘freshman 15’

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Junior Marshall Bars and freshman Bear Braud, both business management majors, enjoy lunch in the BMU Marketplace. Photo credit: Veronica Hodur

Some say it’s a fact, others say it’s a myth, and whether you believe it or not, the idea of the “freshman 15” circulates around college campuses.

The freshman 15 are the 15 pounds students are expected to gain during their first year.

College can be a difficult transition because of dorm rooms, roommates, hobbies, a new atmosphere and the unlimited food Sutter Hall has to offer.

“There’s always Sutter and it’s literally always available for you to swipe into and get as much food as you want,” said Tatiana Steen, a junior psychology major.

The dorms on campus are unequipped with kitchens or have ones that are not large enough for a whole building. Instead, first-years swipe into Sutter Hall, go to the BMU Marketplace or buy food downtown.

Former Sutter Hall employee Brandon Patton, a junior business major, said he ate at the dining hall every day of his first year.

“Sutter’s convenient because it’s right across from the Whitney dorm where I lived,” Patton said. “I liked eating there all the time too because the menu seemed like it was rotated pretty often and there were always a lot of different choices.”

Kyle Arredondo, a senior business marketing major, believes “the freshman 15 is hella real.”

Steen elaborated on how the freshman 15 can affect students.

“It’s easy to let yourself go freshman year because everything is new and exciting,” Steen said. “You’re probably going out all the time and making new friends and you’re busy with school too.”

Incoming college students are granted freedom to choose their own diet and activity plans. Sources that are available to help include nutritionists, who will be available on campus at the Wildcat Recreation Center and the Student Health Center at the start of the spring semester.

Steen emphasized that the freshman 15 is something to be aware of but not constantly concerned about.

“College is fun,” she said. “You don’t need to stress about this so-called 15. Just do you and find a balance between classes, diet, exercise and your activities, and you’ll be just fine.”

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