Alternatives to partying

Alyssa Dunning

What is there to do if one isn’t getting drunk?

Usually I like to start the weekend with a dance party. I take turns with each of my cats and we rock out to their favorite tunes. They get as excited for the weekend as I do.

Next I color code my closet, it’s really easy because it is just different shades of grey. After that the night really gets going because I take my notes from my classes and rewrite them using different colored gel pens. Nothing says “swag” like organization.

Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out by choosing not to party. It gets especially hard when my window is open and I can hear everyone coming back from downtown.

I will never get to have a crying fight with my husband because he looked at another girl at the bar. The only vomit I get to clean up is my cat’s. I will never get to have a yelling conversation outside someone’s window in the middle of the night.

The closest I ever get to drunk drama is when my cats fight over the water bowl.

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