Musical movement promotes education and peace.

Veronica De La Cruz

Regardless of the genre that one is into, it’s safe to say that some music has the ability to lift the spirits of people all over the world.

The founders of the Play for Change movement share a similar belief. Since 2002, Play for Change has hosted hundreds of concerts in the hope of raising money to keep music programs in schools.

The first time I heard of this movement was when my mom shared their famous “Stand by Me” video on Facebook. It features people from 15 different countries all singing the same song. Needless to say, it was the best version of this song I had ever heard.

This is a perfect example of how it’s possible to connect the world through music.

Despite any political disputes that may be going on, Play for Change inspires people to break down those barriers and simply express themselves through their musical talent.

The national Play for Change day is scheduled for September 20, 2014, and since music has a major influence on Chico State, supporting Play for Change is a perfect way to show off international talents and promote a good cause.

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