Hangover supplements fail to soothe

Veronica De La Cruz

The morning after a night out on the streets of Chico, many students may be regretting all the alcohol they’ve consumed the night before.

There are all sorts of remedies out there for a hangover, but do they really work?

Some popular ones include eating greasy food or the popular route of drinking away the hangover.

However, considering how much damage one has already put their liver and heart through, drinking on top of that probably isn’t the smartest decision.

I noticed that some liquor stores here carry hangover supplements. Since I’m not 21 years old yet, I thought it’d be interesting to get one of my friends that is of age to test out this new supplement and see if products like, “The last shot hangover remedy” really work.

Needless to say, he consumed enough alcohol Friday night to get a person my size drunk about three times over. To no surprise, he felt like complete crap the next day.

Even though the shot relieved some of his symptoms, he and I both agreed that when drinking, especially heavily, one must remember to drink plenty of water to avoid hangovers from happening.

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