RIP Labor Day float

Amanda Irons
Amanda Irons

The Labor Day float is dead.

With fewer than 100 people in attendance on Saturday, and approximately 3,000 on Sunday, it is safe to say the float did not live up to its reputation. The alcohol ban undoubtedly is the culprit for vanquishing the long-standing Chico tradition. From stories I have heard about the float, it sounded as if there were more cops patrolling than students floating.
When I talk to Chico State alumni, I am constantly questioned if Pioneer days are still around. Regrettably, I inform them that, no, that has been gone for a while. Shortly following that, they typically ask about Labor Day. Now I must report the death of the beloved float down the Sacramento River.
Two behemoth party culture events have been brought down. Beware Wildcats, they are catching onto us.
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