Humans of Chico State: Reasons to smile

Malcolm Dixon, a senior communication design and media arts major, takes advantage of every day that he has and that is why he wakes up happy. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

“I guess waking up made me smile, because it’s another day; another day that I could have not had. I have the day so, ya know.” – Malcolm Dixon, senior communication design and media arts major

Savannah Graham, a junior pre-nursing major, is happy to see the end of the week. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

“I woke up and it’s Friday, and I get to go home and see my family this weekend.” – Savannah Graham, junior pre-nursing major


“I saw a video of a guy who could not rap for shit, like he is freestyle rapping but he is so bad. It was just so stupid. I guess a little bit of myself likes the cringeworthy. Goofy videos on the internet will always make me smile.” – Dane Lamoreaux, senior English education major


“Getting called off of work made me smile. Now I get to go get coffee with my friend.” – Lizzie Carvalho, freshman pre-nursing major

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