The O-Face: Keys to understanding men

Illustration by Liz Coffee
Illustration by Liz Coffee
Chantal Richards
Chantal Richards

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve heard “men are so confusing.”

Both sexes are confusing but to try to ease the tension that crops up in everyone’s life when it comes to the opposite sex, I asked a few men on campus to see what they think is the golden rule women should know when it comes to sex and relationships.


· Not all men just care about sex or getting into the woman’s pants.

· When men check out other women, it doesn’t mean they will hook up with every one of them.

· Most men find it hot when a woman surprises them and takes over in the bedroom.

· Some men don’t respect women who openly sleep around.

· Most men say they like being surprised and don’t like routine in their sex lives.


· Don’t put up a wall for everything, men can sense it.

· If a man says he is OK, he means OK and nothing else. Don’t keep asking men how they are feeling because if they are upset, they will eventually tell you.

· Don’t get mad over the small things like men playing video games or going out with their friends.

· Men still look at other women but they know they are in a relationship with you.

· Don’t use the silent treatment. Men will get even more angry and confused and that can lead to consequences such as a break-up.


Men can hide their emotions but it doesn’t mean they are cold-hearted and detached.

The golden rule is communication. Without it, you can’t expect to understand men.

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