Chico State course wish list

Adan Osoria, junior health education major Photo credit: Julie Ramos

With every new semester comes that time to choose courses.

Students search through the catalog for major, minor or elective classes for those last few units before graduation. Chico State offers a variety of classes to choose from. Some students, however, wish the university offered alternative electives that appeal more to them.

Adan Osoria, a junior health education major, would like to see a self-defense class on campus because of his concern of safety in Chico.

According to the Chico State Clery report, between 2011 to 2013 in Chico, there were eight negligent manslaughters, 10 cases of rape, 14 assaults, six weapon violations and eight robberies reported to the Chico Police Department.

“We have all been advised to buy pepper spray, but in a potential real-world situation when someone already has hold of you, that wouldn’t be enough,” Osoria said. “It would be really beneficial for students to be able to fight off predators, especially with all the crime that goes on in Chico.”

Amanda Cordeiro, a junior journalism and public relations major, said safety classes, such as a CPR course, would be valuable in a college atmosphere.

“I think it’s really important because of everything that happens on the weekends downtown,” Cordeiro said. “And if there was an emergency where the ambulance couldn’t make it in time, then you or your friend or someone close by that took the course could help while more assistance was on the way.”

Other students felt that Chico could offer more fun and unique electives.

Connor Goodin, a senior construction management major, said that given the opportunity, his class of choice to receive academic credit would be wakeboarding.

“It could get students outside and keep them active and motivated to go to class and improve their skills,” Goodin said. “It’s also convenient that there is a private ski lake in Chico and other lakes close by in surrounding cities. More students might be interested in joining the water ski or wakeboard teams as well.”

Like all universities, Chico offers a great variety of classes. The way some students see it: the more electives, the merrier.

Julie Ramos can be reached at [email protected] or @julie_ramoss on Twitter.