Nude photos are best left untaken

Veronica De La Cruz

A person takes a picture, it gets sent out, then disappears within a matter of 10 seconds.

Throw in a long list of privacy features, and it’s no wonder college students rely on apps like Snapchat to sext. It’s the perfect app for sending nude photos without them getting into the wrong person’s hands. Or so we’d like to think.

With the photo leak scandal that occurred last month, it’s important for any Snapchat user to reconsider the images they choose to send out to friends, especially if they’re inappropriate.

Snapsaved, a third party client that saves images on Snapchat without giving the user any notification, was a source involved.

The creators of this site essentially got caught for obtaining hundreds of thousands of naked photos that were automatically saved to a library on their website. Despite the fact that they didn’t get any personal information of individual users, they got risqué images of them, which is far worse.

Snapchat came out with a statement saying that they specifically warned users about third party apps in their privacy rights, and that if users are willing to use the popular app, then they need to know the consequences they may face.

Personally, I’m not willing to take the risk.

What ever happened to just waiting to see an individual naked in person? Nowadays, it has become the norm for guys or girls to ask their crush for a picture. It’s easy for people to say that sending a naked picture will prove how much they love someone.

Let us all get one thing straight: if a person’s main focus is sexting, then true love is probably not something that they’re going to see in their near future.

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