‘Basic’ shouldn’t exist

Veronica De La Cruz

According to Urban Dictionary, the word basic is used to describe any person, place, or activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, and action.

The other day, I came across an illustration in The Exponent ––Purdue’s student run newspaper––that displayed the anatomy of a basic bitch.

If this image is truly the anatomy of a “basic bitch,” then that means about 80% of the girls who attend Chico State fall under this category.

So then, are we really basic?

Absolutely not. People should focus more on what makes them feel comfortable and happy, and not worry about someone considering them basic.

I do, however, appreciate the fact that they mentioned that the “basic bitch’s” inner peace was present but not shown, because that’s something that actually does matter.

As comical as it may be to call someone a “basic bitch,” I’m disappointed that all of those characteristics add up to a negative title, especially since most girls are guilty of having those features.

How one student looks on the outside should never define their character.

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