Humans of Chico State: Style

Annie Paige

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Ronnie Bolser, a senior anthropology major, explains what influences his style, such as his Deadpool jacket. Photo credit: Annie Paige

What is your style?

I like video games. I like anime. I like black. I like superheroes, Deadpool. I basically wear whatever I want. Other people, they’re always preoccupied with, “What shoes do I have to wear, or pants.” I don’t care. I don’t care what I wear. I don’t care about my appearance. I got a mohawk. I don’t really have a set style. I don’t define myself that way.


Chibuike Anokwute, a freshman business administration management major, explains that Dom Kennedy influences his style. Photo credit: Annie Paige

I’m from LA, so I have LA kind of style. I listen to Dom Kennedy a lot. That’s my kind of style. I’m wearing his sweatshirt right now.


Geoffrey Bogan, a senior English major, explains how music has shaped how he dresses. Photo credit: Annie Paige

Most of the clothes I wear, I got when I was in high school, and I still wear them. I mostly wear black pants. A lot of the music I listen to — lo-fi, surf music — influences the clothes that I wear, and other friends that I hang out with that dress in similar ways.


Samantha Dixon, a senior heath service administration major, talks about how she randomly picks what she wears and hopes for the best. Photo credit: Annie Paige

I like a lot of sweaters, boots, scarves, hats and glasses, I guess. I like neutral tones. This, I just put on because I was going on a walk, it was just random. I just throw things together and hope it works.

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