We need more horse cops…or just any cops

Amanda Irons
Amanda Irons

I miss the horse cops. Sure, the funding for one horse cop is equivalent to three standing officers, but that’s not the point. Bumbling around downtown, gracelessly approaching a mounted officer inquiring as to if you can pet their gallant stead is textbook Chico. Freshmen and future students are being deprived of the authentic Chico experience. This is horse manure.

In case the lack of funding for horse cops is not enough incentive for taxpayers to opt for a tax increase, perhaps the increase in stabbings and burglaries will suffice. The cut in officers resulting in a historic low police presents worries me as a student. The cut to the riot squad worries me even further. And you already know my feelings about the cut to the horse officers.

We can not accept this doubled edged sword of lack of officers and increase in crime. Rise up my fellow Wildcats, and get mad over this blatant lack of security. We can not afford to wait until student safety gets so atrocious that funding is near obligated to change. Be proactive about your protection. And please, bring back the horse cops.


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