In support of a secular Christmas

Matt Murphy

This time of year is special to me for a couple of reasons.

It’s one of only two times a year that I do math. I calculate the minimum grade I need on my finals to maintain whatever grades I currently have.

Look, if I’m stuck in a system that forces me to take a sociology class when I have zero interest in sociology, I’m not playing into it anymore than I have to.

It’s also Christmas season, and no matter how much school is like a dementor sucking out my soul, nothing can shake my love for this time of year.

The combination of getting gifts and an obligation-free month at home with family and friends is what I look forward to most.

Despite the first half of the word, that’s what Christmas has always been about for me. Christ has never played a part in my enjoyment of the season.

I know there will be people trying to maintain that Christmas is still a religious holiday. Sure, that’s where its roots are. But that’s like saying the first thing you think of when you see Bruce Jenner is Olympic decathlete.

At this point Christmas has had so many botox injections it’s practically unrecognizable as a religious holiday.

And that’s fine with me.

To me religion is like Dane Cook: I see the appeal, and I would never deprive anyone of it, but it’s not for me. I’ve never needed religion to give Christmas meaning.

In all seriousness, being with the family I have and remembering the ones I’ve lost is all I’ve ever needed from this season.

I know religion plays a role in Christmas for many people, but I wonder how many people would still enjoy Christmas as much if all the pageantry and gifts were taken away and all they were left with was a sermon.

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