Back to school tips for a successful semester

Kim DuFour, director of the Academic Advising Program, shares information on the tools and motivation that students need to succeed at Chico State. Photo credit: Nick Bragg

It’s been a long and relaxing four weeks away from those late-night study sessions, the stresses of homework and caffeine overload. Daydreams of winter break are still lingering, but it’s time to get back in the school groove.

Knowing the different resources that Chico State offers to aid students can be the first step in having a productive semester. These four simple, yet helpful, tips can help any student jumpstart this semester on a positive note.

Utilize the Student Learning Center: Chico State offers a wide array of services and extra help for students seeking it. One resource that can help students improve their skills is the Student Learning Center.

Through the center students can find workshops, information about tutoring and supplemental instruction times. The workshops cover anything from study skills to time management and organization.

The times and locations of these workshops can be found on the Chico State website, but if time is an issue, then the workshops can be completed online at home. It’s a great way for students to get back into the groove of going to school full time after the long winter break.

Find a tutor: Students can find tutoring help through the Student Learning Center, where they provide a list of the different subjects they offer.

Specific major departments are a great resource for students that need to be tutored on a subject that is not provided through the Student Learning Center. Some specific majors that provide a schedule of tutor hours are mathematics, economics and even specific languages like French.

Check your email often: Email is an essential tool for students to keep up to date with teachers, tutors, advisers and campus announcements. The administration and professors send out a mass amount of helpful information through email, including the campus announcements.

Kim DuFour, director of the Academic Advising Program, stresses the importance of using email to get into contact with teachers and advisers.

“Sometimes important information gets buried in there, and students don’t even realize they are missing it,” DuFour said.

See an adviser as often as possible: Advisers are available for students that are falling behind on credits, are on academic probation or need advice on what classes to take. The two types of advisers that students can see are general education advisers or major advisers.

General education advisers can help students get on track in their general education by helping them figure out classes to take along with specific requirements.

Specific major advisers are helpful for students that need advice on what classes they need to take to fulfill their specific major requirements. The advising office can be very busy at the beginning of the semester, so being familiar with the hours of operation can be crucial.

  • Academic Advising office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

While Chico State provides many resources to aid success, it’s important that students also put in the effort to ensure their success.

If students take the time to know what their resources are, ask for help and avoid procrastination, then they should have a successful spring semester at Chico State, DuFour said.

Nick Bragg can be reached at [email protected] or @Nick981 on Twitter.