Crossing the unit line

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Growing up in my house we definitely had rules. Don’t touch the wood stove. Don’t touch daddy’s rifle. Don’t throw lit firecrackers at cats. They all kind of made sense.

At the university, there are a different set of rules.

If you think you might want to run for an officer position for the Associated Students or maybe step up and be treasurer or president of a student organization, check your transcript.

I hope you don’t have 151 units.

By CSU Executive Order Associated Student Government officers and student organization presidents and treasurers cannot exceed 150 units.

Just about the only folks putting this information out is the Associated Students and the Student Life and Leadership office. Part of my job in Student Life was looking up officer transcripts and informing them if they couldn’t serve as president or treasurer.

This was the single most difficult duty for me in my old job; to see such passion and dedication from student leaders and to say ‘I’m sorry, but…”

If you are receiving the State University Grant be prepared to lose it once you’re over that line. Sadly, this is your only warning about that.

As I learn more about what it means to have earned over 150 units I find it harder and harder to accept the rationale behind this line. At least my parents knew that rules should make sense.

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