All types of breasts need support

Illustration by Darian Maroney

I have small breasts — and I love it.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say that, but I have finally come to terms with my breasts and their size.

I had hoped that I would be blessed with bigger boobs since everyone in my family has a cup size larger than my own.

It seems that I may be adopted.

But having small boobs has its perks.

I can get away with not wearing a bra. I don’t have back pain, and they’re not the first thing people stare at when talking to me.

I can work out without my boobs jiggling all over the place. When wearing a swimsuit, I don’t have to worry about keeping them safely tucked away.

Small boobs have their cons too.

Things like going through my tomboy phase and actually being mistaken for a guy because I was as flat-chested as one can get.

Or not being able to wear certain cute clothes because I don’t have the cleavage for it.

Big or small, there’s always something that needs to be changed. People are never happy with their appearance. But upon reflection I realized that, no matter the size, boobs will in fact be boobs, whether I’m happy with them or not.

I used to believe that having larger breasts would make me more attractive and desirable, but now I know I shouldn’t base my worth on how my body looks.

If someone is going to like me, it should be because of me and not based solely on my looks. I won’t say that looks don’t matter because, if I’m being honest, they do. But it shouldn’t be all someone takes into consideration.

Too many people focus on their imperfections and fail to realize that there’s more to life than looks.

So I appreciate my small boobs. To me, they’re perfect.

Learning to love them has made me feel more comfortable and confident. I’m no longer as self-conscious as I used to be.

I can look into the mirror without wishing for bigger boobs. I accept the fact that I am the way I am, and that all boobs are awesome.

Being in the itty bitty titty committee isn’t all that bad.

Daisy Dardon can be reached at [email protected] or @daisydardon on Twitter.