Scoop the poop

Illustration by Miles Huffman

The fresh air is cool and crisp in the pre-dawn light. With the exception of the grounds keeping staff, the campus is silent and unpopulated.

I enjoy the air on my early morning walk – when my nostrils are assaulted by the pungent scent of fresh dog shit.

I would have thought that there would be more bullshitting than dog shitting on campus.

Most every week I see someone walking their dog. I don’t have a problem with that, Chico State is a public university and it’s grounds are open to the public.

What I do have a problem with is they don’t have a baggie for their pooch’s potty break. I know the folks working the grounds would appreciate pet owners picking up their canine’s crap — and so would I.

Perhaps administration should get those doggy doo-doo bag dispensers for walk ways leading to the campus core? But then it’s a matter of cost, time spent monitoring and re-filling the dispensers and a question of if Chico State is encouraging owners to walk their dogs on our campus.

There’s a level of respect not being shown to this campus, even by non-students.

Chico State is beautiful and I’m glad that students and the public enjoy it, but please people: scoop the poop!

Joseph Rogers can be reached at [email protected] or @JosephLRogers1 on Twitter.