Cardio ‘Cat: Spice up your workout

Risa Johnson
Risa Johnson

We are already into week six of the semester and midterms are looming.

With my small amount of free time, do I really want to go to the WREC—or do I want to curl up in bed and catch up on Breaking Bad?

I think it’s important to spice things up with work outs in order to maintain a routine while keeping motivation up.

I’ve had a pretty set schedule since this semester started. During the week, I run on the treadmill or track at the WREC and go to group classes. On the weekend, I go for a morning run at Lower Bidwell Park.

Here are a few ideas for switching up your weekly workout routine:

1. Get outside.

We have a few weeks of cool, beautiful fall weather upon us. Lower, Middle and Upper Bidwell all provide different running experiences. I like Lower Bidwell for short runs or the 10K route that turns around at the start of Middle Park. Upper Park is good for getting some hills in.

2. Change your activity.

I plan to run the bleachers at the track stadium for a good leg work out. Going for long bike rides or hikes with friends can also be good ways to make exercise enjoyable.

If you are like me and have about two set classes that you go to at the WREC, maybe it’s time to try a new class. After all, there are 14 free classes available, including Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

2. Sign up for a fun race.

There are always races going on near Chico and some are inexpensive, like the Jack Frost 10K on Dec. 15. Registration is only $15, but the price goes up on Dec. 1. The race will take place at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park and thousands of dollars in prize money will be given away.

I know that on the days I exercise, I am more productive. So after you work out, you can get comfy under the covers, watch Netflix and not feel guilty.


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