People shouldn’t be attacked for religious beliefs

Illustration by Trevor Moore

My mom loves “19 Kids and Counting,” so I always keep my eye out for news stories about the Duggar family.

Normally I find news about one of the kids getting married or having children of their own. But sometimes I find stories about the Duggars saying or doing something that reflects their religious views.

For example, when daughter Jessica posted a photo of she and her husband kissing to Instagram, her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, followed suit and posted their own version of the same photo. They then invited married couples to also post pictures of themselves kissing on the Duggar’s official Facebook page.

But a same-sex married couple who posted a photo of themselves kissing said that their picture was deleted, as were those of other same-sex couples.

In the comments section of articles like this, people engage in name calling and vicious attacks on the family demanding that their show be removed from The Learning Channel.

Yeah — how about no?

The Duggars are only carrying out their religious beliefs, one of which is not supporting same-sex marriage as they’ve said numerous times.

While I don’t agree with this outdated belief, it is their religion, and I have no right to say what they can or can’t believe.

What’s completely unfathomable to me is just how horrible the comments can be about this family.

The Duggars may be on TV for all to see, but they are ultimately just a family like everyone else’s who have their own beliefs and ideals they live by.

And everyone should respect that.

Megan Mann can be reached at [email protected] or @meganisthemann on Twitter.