Humans of Chico State: Study abroad

Karl Pfeifer, a senior international relations and German double major, studied abroad in Germany and was able to visit other neighboring areas. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

Where did you choose to study abroad and how was your experience? Any favorite places?

I studied abroad in Germany. My favorite part about it was that I got to visit every place I wanted to. Amsterdam was definitely one of my favorites.

Theresa Faught, a junior psychology major, backpacked around Chile during her study abroad experience. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I studied in Chile, and my favorite part was backpacking in Patagonia. It was so beautiful out there.

Jonathon Brown, a senior international business relations major, traveled around Istanbul, Turkey, during his study abroad experience. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I studied abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. My favorite thing to do was to explore Istanbul itself, the old city, and the emerging European side. I also traveled around the Mediterranean, which was a fantastic experience.

Abdulmalek Almehlisi, a senior management information systems major, is from Saudi Arabia and is studying abroad here at Chico State. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I am studying abroad here in Chico from Saudi Arabia. I like how diverse it is. There are a lot of international students. The experience is much different, and I look forward to finishing up my semester here.

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