Humans of Chico State: Earth Day

How do you help battle the constant issues our world is facing? For instance the drought we have been in?

Hayley Trigg, a first-year prenursing major, has been trying to conserve water during the drought by taking shorter showers. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I haven’t been taking long showers for some time now, and I always shut the water off when I am brushing my teeth or any of those activities. I make sure to use my reusable water bottle because I know constantly buying plastic contributes to the issues we face.

Courtney Isles, a first-year undeclared student, is passionate about the depletion of rain forests and preserving water in the current drought. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

Mass-producing meat industries like Tyson contribute to a huge portion of the depletion of our rain forests from farming and harvesting animals to meet America’s fast-food standards. Because of this, I’m a vegan. It helps in making an active voice for the protection of our ecosystem. Since i know we’re in a drought, I try to keep my showers under five minutes. And trust me, they use to be a lot longer.

Anthony Morales, a first-year business major, has been watering his lawn less during the drought. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I water the lawn less than I use to, and I never leave the shower running before getting in, which is pretty common.

Maxie Holmberg-Douglas, a first-year agriculture and business major, believes that the first step to making a difference in the drought is for people to speak up when they see others wasting water. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

I am very passionate about the water crisis we are in right now. It’s really important for me to help other people realize we are in a drought by saying something when I see people waste water. I do my best to get their attention and explain it to them. For instance you, may only use so-and-so amount of gallons a day, but that multiplied by the millions of people that do the same adds up. We could use that water elsewhere. For instance, agriculture. Instead of washing our car, swimming in the pool and taking longer showers, we could be much more productive.

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