Chico alum among the most beautiful in politics

Jack Lincoln poses for the publication of '50 Most Beautiful,' by The Hill, an online political website. Photo courtesy of Joaquin Sosa of The Hill.

After moving to Washington D.C. to pursue his love of politics, Jack Lincoln, a Chico State alumnus, has experienced many exciting occurrences.

Lincoln graduated from Chico State in 2013 with a degree in international relations.

“I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with that degree at the time,” he said, “but I knew it would open a lot of doors for me.”

After graduation, Lincoln moved to Washington D.C. and started to look for a job. Shortly after his move, he found an opening at the Committee of Natural Resources as a staff assistant.

“I organize the meetings that we hold and get the logistics in order,” Lincoln said. “Once this committee decides on a topic, we push it through to the House of Representatives.”

Although Lincoln is busy with his influential career in political matters, he still remembers the years he spent at Chico State, he said.

He was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and numerous honor roll societies. In addition, Lincoln was also an active member of CAVE.

“I helped out in classrooms at elementary schools. That was very rewarding and fun for me,” Lincoln said.

After moving to D.C., Lincoln heard about an online publication called The Hill.

The Hill, an influential political website, features 50 of the most beautiful people involved in politics in its annual “50 Most Beautiful.”

One of Lincoln’s friends nominated him for the 2015 list.

“At first I kind of just laughed it off,” he said. “ But then they gave me call and told me I was chosen to be in the top 50.”

After that, Lincoln became more excited about the idea of being featured in a popular political website, he said.

“It actually is a really great way to network. In D.C., it is important for people to know your name. And putting a face to a name is the best way to do it,” Lincoln said.

After being interviewed and photographed for The Hill, Lincoln has been stopped by people on the street, he said.

“People ask me if I was one of the people featured, because I look familiar,” he said. “At first I was embarrassed, but now it is a pretty cool bragging right.”

After this exciting nomination, Lincoln remains working in the capital city and hopes to make important changes for the United States in the future, he said.