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Do the ‘bump and grind’ during sex

Illustration by Emily Reising Photo credit: Emily Reising

All great sex scenes have one thing in common— there’s music playing. We all know the feeling of getting sucked into a romantic, passion-filled, perfectly scripted sex scene. And I think the reason for our captivation can be credited to the amazing mood music that plays throughout the whole process. Believe it or not, I believe music either makes or breaks a sexual experience.

In my past experiences, my partners never played music during sex until one day, someone finally did. Much to my surprise (I had always looked negatively at music during sex), I actually enjoyed it and found it made the whole process a lot more fun. With a good playlist for background noise, I felt comfort, ease and a sense of romance that went along with the music.

I’m sure we all have varied opinions regarding music during sex, but here’s mine: playing music during sex can enhance a sexual experience tremendously. Of course, having the right sex playlist is key in satisfying both you and your partner during sexual activities. I know I (and I assume most other people) wouldn’t be able to get down and dirty to the “screamo” genre or Disney soundtracks. The rhythm, lyrics and mood of the music are responsible for setting the tone for the sex you’re about to have.

To help you all out a little bit, I’ve compiled a list of song recommendations for the ultimate playlist to bump during sex:

Planes- Jeremih

Motivation- Kelly Rowland

What You Need- The Weeknd

Wet the Bed- Chris Brown

High for This- The Weeknd

Ride- Somo

Grind With Me- Pretty Ricky

All the Time- Jeremih

Body Party- Ciara

Rolling Stone- The Weeknd

I think being able to get intimate with your partner while also feeling the build-up of music is an exciting feeling. Playing music in the background of your sexual activities gives you a sense of being in a movie, and that’s always a fun feeling, right?

As you and your partner become more intimate, the music starts to become more intense. This is why a perfect playlist is so imperative during sex— if a bad song comes on, it’s an instant mood killer. It’s important that the next song continues to set the mood and maintain a sexy tone for the oh-so-sexy situation you’re in.

Maybe you absolutely hate music during sex, and everything about it is awkward and uncomfortable. And if that’s the case then each to their own. But if you haven’t tried out this type of sexual experience, go try it. Make sure to include at least a few songs from the playlist, and I’m sure you’ll see why music during sex can be extremely enjoyable.

Emma Vidak-Benjamin can be reached at [email protected] or @gnarlyemma on Twitter.

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