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  • Photo taken by Molly Myers on Sept. 3, 2023 downtown across from where the Farmers Market is held.


    Abandoned shoes in Chico: photo series

  • Left side of table, Jenna McMahon, Nathan Chiochios and Jessica Miller sit with, on the right side front to back, Callum Standish, Molly Myers, Nadia Hill, and Grace Stark at  Estom Jamani Dining Commons. Photo taken April 29 by a kind employee at the dining hall.


    The Orion tries the dining hall

  • Both faculty members’ and students’ mental health are suffering due to a lack of support at Chico State and across the California State University System. Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.


    Faculty, students’ mental health continue to suffer

  • Thanks to horror films, some names have been ruined ... or made cool. Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Names horror films have ruined … or made cool

  • Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate. Photo courtesy of NEON.

    Arts & Entertainment

    He said, she said: ‘Immaculate’

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Horoscope for September 15-21

Illustration by Miles Huffman Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Aries – You may feel a bit off balance when it comes to your daily routine. Maybe you’ve slept through your alarm or gone to class without pants on. Either way, it has been a rough week. To help you through this rough time, try cutting back on a few things in your schedule. Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed.

Taurus – Right now your life may feel like a train wreck, but if you’re anything like Amy Schumer, you’ll find a way to make it work (and possibly get your own movie deal out of it). As for now, take a deep breath and know everything will be OK. Whatever your situation, jumping in a bush to avoid that certain someone is not a viable option.

Gemini – Go balls to the wall this week and just do it. Lately you’ve been shy letting others take the lead. People like confidence. When you sprout your wings people will notice and be attracted to you. Ask someone out of your league on a date, go for that promotion, streak through campus with a bag on your head. Whatever it is, just break out of your shell.

Cancer – Thinking of ways to make money can get pretty difficult. Before stripping or becoming the next Walter White, print out a resume and apply for local jobs, because lets be honest, being a stripper seems like a lot of work, and we both know you’re not in shape for that.

Leo – It’s OK if middle school-style dancing is your thing, if you secretly love stamp collecting or even if you have a secret obsession with Michael Cera. Whatever your little quirk may be, own it and be yourself. So go ahead and pop, lock and drop until you can’t feel your legs. Do you.

Virgo – Things have been going well for you lately. Now it’s time to give back. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. It’s a genuine thing to do and you’ll feel great after. At the very least, recycle all those cans you’ve collected over the weekend.

Libra – Love interests may come and go but cookie dough is forever. If you’re feeling down in the dumps about that certain someone, just go to the fridge and remember your chocolate chip friend will be waiting. If you’re feeling a little wild, switch it up and go for the peanut butter or sugar cookie dough.

Scorpio – This week you’re feeling a little crazy. Maybe you’ll have dessert before dinner or perhaps you don’t feel like waiting three minutes for the Hot Pocket to cool down before you take a bite, you animal. You’re only young once so be wild— just remember not to take it too far.

Sagittarius – With the end of the three-day weekend, it’s perfectly OK to take the day— or depending on how hard you went— the week, off. Spend time in bed or have a relaxing night with bae (and the only time it’s OK to use the term “bae” is when talking about Netflix). Whatever your method of relaxation may be, make sure you’re ready for when Friday night comes around. Rally my friend, rally.

Capricorn – Now is the time to appreciate the friends you have in your life. Anyone who drives you in the wee hours of the morning to get your lost phone from the other side of town is a true friend. College is a crazy time where you will do stupid things, and it’s much more fun to have someone that will do them with you.

Aquarius – It’s OK that you just rolled out of bed for your 3 p.m. class. Your confidence is low because you haven’t gotten out of those sweatpants in four days and it is 40 degrees outside. Try buying a new outfit or at the very least, brushing your hair. People will notice and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Pisces – It’s great that you’re cutting back on things to save money. But you’re at the point where all you’ve eaten this past week are Otter Pops for breakfast and your roommates’ fruit snacks and cheese sticks. Go to the store. Your parents will understand that you need money for food. They’d rather give you $100 now for food rather than pay for a new wardrobe because you lost 30 lbs. from living off mac-n-cheese.

Megan Moran can be reached at [email protected] or @_babymegs on Twitter.

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