Donate to The Orion


The Orion is currently accepting any and all donations to help fund the service it brings to the campus and community. As many faculty and staff know, countless hours are spent producing its weekly print edition and daily online content. We take pride in the work that we do and take our job of providing fair and honest content to our readers seriously.

For many that have worked on The Orion, the news organization serves not only as a valuable experience, but as a legacy as well. We all strive for excellence and aim for that merit to be an exceptional representation of the campus as a whole.

However, The Orion cannot rely on funding from advertising anymore to keep the limited budget afloat. We are asking for a donation, big or small, to help us continue to build this legacy and pursue the ongoing goal of excellence in journalism. From $10 to $100, any little bit counts and is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding a donation, please contact us at [email protected]