Bald is beautiful

Women cringed at the snip of eight inches suddenly gone and men smiled as mounds of hair flew off their heads with the quick motion of a buzzer.

Bald is Beautiful returned to Chico State for it’s 5th year on Wednesday in Trinity Commons from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Elana Linker, a junior child development major, and Sydney Jacobs, a senior exercise physiology major, were in charge of Bald is Beautiful. They serve on the Up ‘til Dawn executive board as special events coordinators.

Bald is Beautiful is in support of childhood cancer and the kids who are going through itk Jacobs said.

“The shaving is mostly just for showing your support for the children and to let them know that they don’t have to go through it alone,” Jacobs said. “The actual hair that’s donated goes to making wigs for those children or people who have cancer.”

Linker’s favorite part about Bald is Beautiful is the huge difference it makes in other people’s lives.

“You know, not a lot of people are willing to shave their head or donate their hair and the few who actually are is what makes the difference,” Linker said.

Linker chose the organization Children with Hairloss, to receive all the hair that was cut because they’re one of the only organizations that will cut off eight inches.

“The hair goes straight to children who have cancer,” she said. “So it’s nice.”

Barber Jon’s and Downtown Salon and Gallery donated their time to shave and cut the hair of the men and women who participated.

“Barber Jon’s provided games for the event including tug of war, alligator races, spike ball and corn hole,” Linker said.

Carl’s Jr. also donated burgers which were sold for a $5 deal including a burger, soda and chips.

Students of all academic years donated and shaved their heads for the cause.

Eric Arnett, a sophomore engineering major, participated in Bald is Beautiful for the first time this year.

“I decided to participate in Bald is Beautiful because I really think that cancer sucks and that we should support everyone who’s going through it,” Arnett said. “It’s very difficult for a lot of people and I’ve had a friend who has it and it’s weird. You see the looks that they get when they’re bald and it means a lot to me that you can have this unity today that everyone gets along and has fun in support of cancer.”

Up ‘til Dawn will take place Monday, Nov. 4, in Acker Gym from 4 p.m. to Midnight.