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No shame in the solo game

Photo credit: Bobbie Rae Jones

I can still remember the time my mom caught me. I was young, still in elementary school. She came in the bathroom and found me masturbating. I can still see the look of shame and shock she gave me. After collecting herself my mom asked what I was doing. My reply was not an answer but, “It feels good.” My mom’s response still echoes in my ears today, “Good girls don’t do that.”

In the past there has been so much negative attention on masturbation. Masturbation has been portrayed as “the root cause of disease, dysfunction, and poor character,” as mentioned in “The Masturbation Gap.”

In religion and some cultures there is a copious amount of shame that seems to tie in with this idea that because you masturbate there is something wrong with you. Religion can be a large contributor to the shame many feel: the feeling that they have failed in being true to something they believe so strongly.

The shame of masturbation even shows up when using spellcheck. Spellcheck won’t give you the word as an option if you’re even one letter off.

As an adult, I promote self-love. It is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and what you enjoy. After working at Chico’s local adult novelty store, Playtime 4 You, for the last eight months, I have learned about all sorts of fun items that can assist in solo play.

When practicing self-love, it gives you the opportunity to explore your body and desires. For me, it also gives me a great boost of endorphins.

Which is great if I’m stressed or having a bad day. In the Irish Times a sexologist says, “Women should masturbate as often as they can.” This solo act releases chemicals that can improve your mood and much more. Masturbation can help relieve cramping and help remove bacteria from the cervix as mentioned in Psychology Today’s article “A Touchy Subject: The Health Benefits of Masturbation.”

These benefits are not just limited to women. Men can also experience the “ability to sleep better or to help start the day with more energy,” as covered in “The Little Known Benefits of Masturbation.” Men can also reduce their risk of prostate cancer by masturbating, as discussed in Psychology Today.

There are so many benefits to masturbation. Here are some ways to enjoy a self-love adventure.

  • Hand to hand combat, this is a good because you are totally connected to yourself and able to acknowledge what you feel and enjoy.
  • Vibrators may leave a buzzing blush of release. There are so many different options here: the rabbit style, the bullet, the egg, different styles of strokers for men, and so much more. Men can also use bullet style vibrators along the shaft for something different too.
  • Ben Wa Balls can be fun and create a slow build as well as being a good workout for your pelvic floor.

There are many options to entertain yourself with. If you feel overwhelmed or want to learn more go to Playtime 4 You. The staff is awesome and there is a 10 percent discount off your entire purchase for students.

Masturbation can be a wonderful thing and a great way to get to know yourself and create ownership over your body. Let go of the shame and have fun discovering yourself.

Joann Chevaillier can be reached at [email protected] or @jmc_8284 on Twitter.

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