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‘Damsels’ promote stylish safety

Pretty pink packaging, lacy accents and a ribbon. These images don’t exactly make you think of mace.

So think again.

Damsel in Defense is a national company that promotes empowering and protecting women by selling personal defense gear with girly packaging and a sassy attitude.

Chico State alumnae Victoria Harrington and Shannon Logue are two of the “damsels,” as they call themselves, who sell and promote the company’s products in Chico.

“There’s something inside of me that makes me want to help others,” Logue said. “This is something I can do to help women be protected.”

Harrington and Logue promote the company by hosting demonstrations on how to use self-defense products such as pepper spray and stun guns, among other devices.

“We go everywhere from gyms to restaurants and organizations on campus,” Harrington said. “We also host demonstrations at home parties.”

Damsel in Defense was founded in September 2011 by two mothers in Idaho who were looking for an alternative way to stay protected without having guns in their homes.

There are currently 3,500 “damsels” working for the company nationwide.

Harrington joined the company in August after her husband brought home a brochure for her. She invited Logue to her launch party, and she immediately wanted to become involved, too.

“I think it’s important for college girls to know how to protect themselves if they need to,” Logue said.

If women purchase only one self-defense item, it should be pepper spray, Harrington said.

“Our pepper spray is 18 percent cayenne pepper and sprays out in the form of an orange stain that lasts on an attacker’s face for up to a week,” Harrington said. “It can spray 12 to 22 feet. We advise to aim the spray towards the forehead so it drips down into the eyes.”

The pepper spray is only $10, but more heavy-duty items like the stun gun cost $50.

“Our highest voltage stun gun is seven and a half million volts and will drop someone to the ground for up to 20 minutes,” Logue said. “We have ones that are disguised as cell phones and come in different colors.”

For people who are afraid to carry something with so much power, the damsels suggest starting with a device such as a handheld alarm that will sound off and bring attention to a dangerous situation.

“At least get attention on yourself some way,” Logue said. “Use your voice and scream.”

The damsels also have ways to help people become more comfortable using their products at their demonstrations.

“We play games and make everyone feel capable of using the devices,” Harrington said. “There’s something for everyone.”

The damsels are looking for others to join the company. More information about how to join can be found at or

“We just want Chico to be equipped and informed,” Logue said. “We would love for college students to become damsels and help spread the word about safety.”


Kayla Smith can be reached at [email protected].

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