Love is color blind


Photo credit: Helen Suh

I’ve dated my fair share of boys. However, I’ve maybe only dated one guy that was the same ethnicity as me.

My friends always joke that I only date black guys, which isn’t necessarily true, but close enough. I do find myself in interracial relationships rather often.

People tend to surround themselves with others that look similar to them. I was never really that person. Most of my friends were of different ethnic groups, so it wasn’t odd for me to date guys that were different than me too.

With an interracial couple, people get to learn about things outside of their culture. Different food, customs and traditions are just a few things that people can experience.

By staying in the comfort zone of one race, people won’t challenge their beliefs. They will stay in a closed-off mind set. With an interracial couple, people get to open their minds and see things from a different perspective.

Interracial couples changed the way society looks at love. Prior to the 1960s, interracial marriage was illegal in most states. When the Loving couple tried to appeal their arrest, the country started to see interracial coupling as more normal.

Love became color blind, it allowed people to start to feel more like themselves. Now people can love who they want to love without a law prohibiting it. This interracial couple led the way for same sex couples to be normalized.

Besides the cultural aspect, interracial couples make the cutest children. I mean, I think most people can agree that Karrueche Tran is a beautiful human being. She is African-American and Vietnamese: a mixed baby.

I follow this Instagram account that is dedicated to mixed babies. Thousands of followers view thousands of pictures of kids that are just some of the cutest children I’ve ever seen.

I also tend to think that same-race couples look like they are somewhat related. It might just be a personal thing, but sometimes when I look at same-race couples, I just ask myself, “Are they brother and sister or girlfriend and boyfriend?”

Hollywood is not shy when it comes to mixing up the couples. People like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the “it” celebrity couple. Normalizing interracial coupling for those who feel like it’s different is just one of the many things Hollywood helps inspire.

I personally really think interracial couples are the best relationship goals there are. Not just because I’m in an interracial relationship, but because it helps change up society.

Brittany McClintock can be reached at orion[email protected] or @B_McClintock17 on Twitter.